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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, one day late! Adam and I had an evening full of sushi, silliness, laughter and wine. We were both really tired from our busy weeks, so it was an absolutely perfect evening for us. I thought it might be fun to take a few photos, but when we added the pups in the pictures, things became very difficult. So take your pick on which you think is the best. :)

This morning we went to a yard sale and purchased a few odds and ends. Several of the students in my program, both in my class and in the class below us, are going to Dominican Republic for a medical mission trip, and this yard sale was one of the fund raisers they have organized. So I picked up this fun jewel:

After I bought it I learned it was homemade. I think it's very cute, and it's pretty perfect for my personality. I've been wanting a stool for the evenings so I can sit at the counter and chat with Adam while he cooks us dinner and I think this is just perfect. I know it's something I'll enjoy way more than he will, but I figure eventually when we have a house, it'll fit perfectly in my super girly, super pink and fru-fru craft room. :)
Adam didn't completely lose out on the deal though. He bought a never opened Tom Petty CD that we listened to on the way home. I also got a pair of brown boots and a cute little Christmas ornament with a fun story behind it.
Lucy and Marley came with us to hang out, and Katie Stone caught this photo of Lucy. Silly dog.

This bag was for sale and we were testing it out to see if Lucy would fit in it, but we decided against it. It was a cute bag though!

This afternoon we're going to grill hamburgers with Lindsay and Jon. It'll be a fun evening of friends, good food and relaxation!

Oh. One more thing. Yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of our first date! How CRAZY! So in honor of that, I thought it'd be fun to share the story of how we first met. For those of you who knew us during the time of our wedding, this was the "How They Met" page. Enjoy! :)
Her Story
Adam secretly loved me all along. But it all started in high school. I came in as a young, naive freshman and he was in his senior year. The moment he met me, he knew he loved me. He had to deny it, even to himself, because how embarrassing would it be to date a freshman?! 

Well, as the year went on, Adam couldn't help but call me and flirt with me like a silly little 5th grader. He pulled several pranks on me and during one of them, he practically begged me to go out on a date with him. Now, I'm not gonna lie. I was kinda smitten for the boy, so I was excited. Adam even confirmed this date in his last will and testament,  where he bequeathed  "one date, maybe more" to me . . .  I didn't get the date till years later.

After Adam's senior year, he ran off to the Air Force Academy. However, he wasn't gone too terribly long, because he absolutely could not stand being states away from me. When he came home, we went out on that date, and poor Adam has been hooked ever since! The rest is history.

It's that simple.

The Real Story

What is it about ditsy blondes? I'm not sure, but apparently Adam saw something. The way I recall it, Katie was definitely a typical 9th grade girl with a crush on a senior guy. The senior guy, we all now know to be Adam, really didn't have a clue. I mean, from what I remember, all of the young girls had a crush on him. Even Katie's best friend and maid of honor, Carly, admitted having a crush on Adam. I seem to remember that she would later grow to be semi-romantically involved with Adam's brother. But that's another story entirely. . .

Where was I? Oh yes. . . The real story. So, the popular senior, Adam, and the ditsy blonde freshman, Katie, met one day. It was obvious that she was immediately smitten. It might have been the luxurious dark locks, the penetrating hazel eyes, or the way he said her name. We shall never know for sure. What we do know is that she was enamored and flirted with him every chance she got.

One day near the end of Adam's senior year there was a party at his friend's house.  With no alcohol involved (they were all pretty innocent at this point) they decided to prank call some friends. How random was it that Adam's best friend, Bryan, happened to have Katie's phone number memorized? 

They proceeded to call Katie and somehow convinced her that she had won a date with anyone in the school. All she had to do was pick the person. After much pause, punctuated by embarrassing silence, she chose Adam.

Well, she never got that date while he was in high school. However, word got round to him about her request, and he decided to leave her "one date, maybe more" in his senior will. 

Fast forward 3 years. Katie's parents hosted a New Years party that Adam happened to attend. After much flirting he decided to take her out on that date. During the date, he promptly made an ass of himself as he slipped in the mud outside of DePalmas on Broad St. It wasn't really his fault though. He had on new shoes, it had been raining A LOT, and his date was absolutely gorgeous. Not the ditsy blonde he remembered from high school.

A few months later, Adam needed a date for a Valentine's Day dinner that his roommate was planning. At the last minute he called Katie. Of course she couldn't deny his charm and agreed to the date. That night was their first kiss, or so I'm told. They're not very forthcoming with that bit of detail. 

The rest is literally history. They dated, argued, threw fists, kicks, the occasional blade, fell in love, argued some more, and eventually figured out what they wanted. Each other. Now they're getting married. Who knew, right? Ditsy blonde + attractive, popular senior = match made in . . . well, they're a good match. 

Now you know the real story. Feel free to ask me questions at the wedding. I'll be the one with the cowboy hat.
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