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Monday, October 28, 2013

A little of this and that. And Baby Jack!

Hmmm, let's see. What's new?? Not too much really. We're just counting down the days to the end of the semester!

We received our clinical rotation schedules for next year. I got the two elective rotations that I wanted! We'll be doing 9 rotations at 5 weeks each. Here's what mine looks like:

  1. Inpatient Medicine
  2. OB/GYN
  3. ER
  4. Dermatology (elective)
  5. General Surgery
  6. Psychiatry 
  7. Outpatient Medicine
  8. Burn Unit (elective)
  9. Pediatrics
Pretty exciting! The closer I get to it, the more nervous I become about knowing enough for next year. But at the same time, I'm so ready to start clinical year and be done with didactic forever! Soon enough...

In other news, Adam and I went home this weekend so I could meet Bryan and Whitney's brand new baby boy! Jackson Bryant Burns was born on October 14th and he is a little ball of preciousness! Whitney looked great, Bryan was on cloud nine, and the baby was just a doll.

I think he has Bryan's nose and Whitney's mouth, and I've seen a few of his little faces that remind me of some of Whitney's facial expressions. I've already told Adam that I want one and that I'm ready whenever it's our turn. Which of course will be a while. Silly PA school. I'll leave you with a few other pictures of Jack. These are my favorites. :)

Adam and Rickie went to visit the little family last weekend. :)

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Stress, stress, stress...

Warning -- Negative Nancy here -- Really, I'm not even sure anyone should read this conglomeration of random rants, but I really just felt like getting it off my chest.

Ugh. Guys, I'm so tired of school. I'm tired of studying all the time, and constantly being stressed out about studying enough and balancing classes and life. Thankfully we have a break in tests this week, but of course in turn, we have the biggest part of our thesis due this week as well. ::Sigh:: It's never ending.

I'm also tired of apartment life. Somehow, at 27, I've managed to never live in an apartment before now so this place has special meaning to me, but the management staff (who has recently changed) absolutely sucks. Adam and I went home last weekend and forgot to pay rent (for the first time ever!) and there's a $50 late fee. They wouldn't wave it for us even though they've lost our rent checks twice before. Does that seem fair? The "maintenance" staff is just as crappy. Actually, they're a straight up joke. Other than changing light bulbs and unclogging shower drains, they're no good at anything. And I can say that because the last few major complaints we've had that they've "fixed" go right back to being broken the very next week. Charter sucks here too! I actually think Charter sucks anywhere, but that's forced upon us here. Yesterday morning I woke up to yet another cigarette butt on our patio furniture. It's stuff like that that I'm sick of too. Adam went up and taped it on their door knob. I've already complained to the management about them, left them a note, bought them a cigarette tray, and confronted them. I honestly have no idea what else to do.

And lastly, I'm about done with Birmingham. It's sad, really, because I think this city has a lot of potential, especially if Adam and I were living in a different part of town. Everyone I've spoken with that's lived here in the past for school has loved it. I think I'm projecting all my stress and apartment frustration upon Birmingham, which may not be fair, but it's reality. And what bothers me the most is that we've got another year here. :(

Ok. I think it's time to move on past all that. In much more exciting news, Lindsay and Jon are engaged!!! I am so happy for them both! Unfortunately for her, she's headed back to Birmingham this afternoon, but it's exciting for me because I haven't seen her or her ring yet! Here are a few pictures...
I can't wait to hear the story of how it all happened! I've already texted her letting her know that there's wine waiting for her when she gets back. :)

In other exciting news, Adam and I went home last weekend for a Neila and Michael's beautiful wedding at the chapel at Athens First United Methodist! The reception was at the Hardeman-Sam House on Milledge. OMGosh, Neila was SUCH a stunning bride. And her decor style was so pinterest-y and amazing! We had a great time! Here are a few photos taken by the photographer.

And in yet still more exciting news ... Bryan and Whitney are due ANY DAY NOW to have their baby! Girl or boy, what will it be?! Adam and I are on our toes ... so anxious and excited! Here's yet another example of how school is totally cramping my social life. It's likely she'll have the baby this week sometime, and although it'd be close to impossible for us to get home on a week day, I can't even go home this coming weekend because I have three tests the next week. Phewy! Bad, grad school, bad! Shame on you for getting in my way like that.

61 days until the semester is over.
426 days until graduation = I'm done with school forever = Katie gets her life back (after the certifying exam) = Adam gets his wife back!
#soclose ... :/
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