White Wash

Saturday, July 19, 2014

139 Days!

I love watching the days dwindle down. Just let it keep coming.

So I haven't updated since 4th of July. We went back home and had a jam-packed weekend! Friday we went out on a boat on Lake Burton with our Head family. It was incredibly beautiful. I'm telling you, it felt like a perfect eutopia out there. The sky was sunny and blue, it wasn't too hot (almost a little chilly), people were out on their boats but it wasn't too crowded, and there were even prop planes flying around. I was definitely in my happy place. I honestly didn't realize how happy I could be out on a lake. I always thought I was an ocean/beach girl. I guess we'll just see how life plays out... :)

Anyway, Saturday morning, Adam, his parents, and I went zip lining! Adam and I hadn't been since our honeymoon while the cruise ship was docked in St. Lucia. We had a lot of fun flying through the trees. We definitely would love to go back again.

Saturday afternoon we went to Bryan and Whitney's for a little group get together. We had a great time visiting, catching up, and hanging out in the hot tub. That night, Adam, Bryan, Rickie and I went to a concert in downtown Buford (which happens to be walking distance from Bryan and Whitney's) and we danced our hearts out! It was so much fun!! Bryan bought a boat on Saturday morning so on Sunday Adam, Bryan, and Rickie took the boat out on Lake Lanier (which happens to be 2 miles from their house -- I'm telling you they've got it made). Adam told me it was a perfect day for the guys to hang out together. I'm hoping next weekend we can go back and hang out with them on the boat again. I don't think I've ever been out on Lake Lanier so I'm excited!

On Sunday I went with Mom and my aunt to the nursing home to see my grandmother. Afterwards we headed back to Bama for my last week of general surgery. And speaking of, I've officially finished it and I really loved it. I was very worried about being in the OR because before this rotation I was pretty uncomfortable with it all. Obviously sterility is a huge deal and I was terrified I would mess something up! But I became very comfortable working with these two particular surgeons. And I was at my favorite hospital in Bham so that made me happy, too. After our end-of-rotation exam last Friday, Casey, Lindsay and I went to Cocina Superior to celebrate another rotation down! Only four to go!

Now I'm at an inpatient psychiatry facility and I have to travel about an hour to get to my site. It's veeeeerrrry interesting. Lots of big crimes have been committed by some of the patients there. So, it's very interesting indeed.

Anyway, last weekend Adam, Lindsay, and I met Katie, Chris, Cory, and Casey at a brew festival in downtown Homewood. It's always fun spending time with good friends!

Yesterday was Lindsay's 25th birthday and, poor her, it started out with a test in endocrinology and a presentation that she had to give.

 Afterwards we went out with Casey, Mallory, and Ginny to our favorite margarita place, Cocina Superior. We had a drink and an appetizer there, and then we came back home.
 Lindsay and Sadie came over for dinner, drinks, and a dance party at our place and that's how we ended the night! I had a great time, and hope Lindsay did, too. :)
In general, I don't like to post photos of drinking, let alone taking shots, BUT, it was Lindsay's birthday, we had both had a rough day as far as tests and presentations go, and these two pics are the only two shots we took. Promise! Anyway I guess that's about it! We don't have any crazy plans for the rest of the weekend, but we do have exciting things coming up in the next few weeks! So until then, friends!

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