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Friday, August 22, 2014

105 Days!

That's right! We're almost to 100's Night for PA school! Can't wait to be in the double digits ... and then singles. :) Adam and I are going to have to start looking for houses soon! Everything is moving so quickly and it's all so exciting!!

So, what have we been up to the last few weeks?? Well, we've been traveling home a lot lately, and the last couple of times we've gone out with Bryan and Whitney on their boat!
It's SUPER fun, and not gonna lie, being out on the boat is pretty convincing that lake life near family and friends can be just as fun as (if not more than) ocean life without family and friends near by.

This past weekend, Adam and I packed up and went out to Pensacola with the pups. We had a great time there, as usual. Here are a few pics...
Grabbing an appetizer on our first day at the beach

Dinner at Atlas on our second night
Adam and our rat-dog, Lucy
 Lucy's pensive pose
Marley's pensive pose. Both of these dogs need to be shaved badly. The good news is, that's happening tomorrow.
 Lucy just gets so worried about her humans being in the water! (This is her mid-bark)
 Our goofy blonde girl
Lucy, pooped out after a long day on the beach followed by a refreshing bath

Oh! And there are two big adventures from the beach that I forgot to share. First, we went parasailing! I had never been before, and Adam had only been once. The girl at the counter told us it was like being in a giant swing set high up in the air, and that's pretty accurate. I was secretly a tiny big terrified being that high up because I knew if I fell that would be it, but it was still a ton of fun. I wish we could have stayed up there longer!

Our second adventure we just happened to stumble upon. Adam had googled something along the lines of "fun in Pensacola" and suddenly found something that said "If you're looking for fun in Pensacola, then Rosie O' Grady's Dueling Piano Show is the place to be!" We agreed it would be fun and different so we cleaned ourselves up and were out the door. I'm not kidding you, we stepped off the streets of Pensacola and into a wild wild west parlor. It was frickin' awesome. And frickin' huge, too. This place had seven rooms and nine bars. The entire thing was decked out to be like something from a movie. It was super neat. Adam said it reminded him of Vegas, of course I've never been. All of the servers and staff had fun costumes that fit right in with the feel of the place. And they even had a magician floating around doing private magic shows for guests. We had appetizers for dinner, then headed a few rooms over to the dueling piano show. We stayed there for the rest of the night because it was so entertaining! As it got later and later, the singers got crazier and we really just had a great time! We will definitely be going back there again. It seems like every time we go to Pensacola, we discover something new about the city and we just love it.

The day after we got back, I went to Mom and Dad's for the week, and that's where I am right now! As usual, it's been wonderful catching up with family, haven't seen a lot of friends though.

Anyway, I had a very reflective intent for this post, but I'm really just not in the mood right now. Basically, I can most definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's shining very, very brightly. The light is so bright, in fact, that it's a bit difficult at the moment to see from where the light is coming exactly. But day by day, the other side of the tunnel begins to show itself just a little more. I've come to realize that no matter who is the smartest in our class, or the hardest working or whatever, we'll all make it out of the tunnel one by one, alphabetically, as we cross the stage and shake the hands of our faculty members. 105 days.

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