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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

59 Days!

Shooo... It's been quite a while. Things are changing quickly which is a good thing. Also a scary thing because there are many, many loose ends, but it'll all come together.

Basically to catch everyone up on our lives lately, we're both trying to get jobs and we're looking for places to live. We're moving back home to Georgia. We thought about it, prayed about it, cried about it, and decided that as much as we love the idea of Charleston, it's just not where our families are and as it turns out, that's a deal breaker for us. It makes us both sad. Charleston was a dream for us for so long. I guess it's what kept us going during the hard times in school. We would day dream about our future there on the ocean and we'd feel better, even if just a little bit. But that's that. We're coming home. So anyway, we've I've been back and forth to and from home about a gazillion times trying to prepare for our future in Georgia, but we still haven't smoothed out all the wrinkles so that's all I'm going to say about it. I'll update more once we've got more definitive plans.

One of the more fun and specific reasons for going back home has included going to one of Lindsay's bridal showers! It was beautiful, and I was so excited to give her something that was kinda special and something we both loved! Unfortunately I don't have any photos from the shower. That's Lindsay's fault. :)

Not related to a visit back home, but just something fun, last Thursday Adam and I got out of the house to go see a Trombone Shorty concert! It was amazing!! We were both so glad to be able to go thanks to my amazing preceptor on my trauma and burns rotation!
He was very talented with the trombone and trumpet! I'm pretty sure this is a shot of him circle breathing. He literally played one note for like 3 minutes with circle breathing! It was seriously amazing and outrageous.
This is us after the concert. We decided to go to Walmart to pick up some pizza. Adam hates Walmart. Hence, his face.

On Sunday of this week we went to the Oak Mountain Fall Festival, but it turned out to be kind of a dud. :/ Oh well. I did, however, get a foot long corn-dog AND a fried snickers out of it! That was fun. :)

I guess that's about it for now. I'm getting worse and worse about blogging these days but I've got a lot going on at school and at home. I'm also trying to ween off my readers (all 20 of you) because I'm fairly certain after PA school, I'm going to retire Heads and Tales.

Anyway, happy fall, y'all.
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