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Sunday, November 9, 2014

26 days

The final days are upon us. We have twenty-six days left until Exodus (as Adam likes to call it). So. Many. Emotions.

So, I have a lot of things to update the world on. First, Adam and I have both landed jobs in Athens, Ga! We are so thrilled and relieved to have these lined up before we actually move back home, especially because (more big news!) we've decided to buy a house! Our first house! This wasn't something we set out to do. In fact we had previously been contacting several agents about rental properties around Athens, but none of them allowed big dogs and they were all pretty pricey. I mean what were we supposed to do with our poor Marley Girl?? So those were quickly marked off our list. We then came across this sweet little house for sale and thanks to Adam's knowledge on mortgages, we realized we could afford to purchase this home and our monthly mortgage payment would be HALF of what we would have paid at any of the other rental properties. So Adam began digging and this quickly became a very realistic option. We're now under contract and have been approved on our loan. Who has two thumbs and could not be more excited?? --> this girl. <--
Our home. <3

Once we decided on Georgia and not Charleston, Athens actually wasn't even the plan. We had considered living closer to Atlanta possibly near Lake Lanier, but everything literally fell together so quickly and beautifully that now we realize Athens was the answer all along. God thumped our foreheads and then suddenly we noticed the giant blinking neon arrows pointing to Athens. These three very exciting bits of information have been in the works for a few months now but I was a little hesitant to break the news in previous posts because it was just a little too early. Of course things could still fall though even now -- we still haven't signed any dotted lines, but everything is looking very promising!

I feel like after all of our struggles over the past few years, God is finally handing us our "happily ever after." I think Adam and I both have felt stuck here in Birmingham, as if our lives have been stagnant for a long time ... and there didn't seem to be an escape. There was (obviously) no way we could speed the whole PA-school-process along any quicker but for so long now we've been ready for the "next thing." And we didn't know exactly what or where that was until recently. It's very hard to be excited about the future when you have absolutely no idea what it entails. But now that we know, now that we can finally see what's outside the tunnel, we are beyond excited. And I don't think I'll know what to do with myself once we have arrived. I'll most likely need a reminder that we do deserve the wonderful things that life is bestowing upon us, because Adam and I have struggled and sacrificed so much for so long to finally be where we're very soon about to be. It's all God's timing. I realize that. And although we faced God's challenge and practiced patience for Him, it definitely wasn't easy. My poor husband has put up with more than his fair share from me. I'm mortified at some of the things I've said or the ways I've acted towards him at times ... all in the name of stress. I am so SO thankful for my Adam. A lesser man couldn't have handled my seemingly-psychotic breaks. And if he can handle me during some of my hardest, saddest, darkest, scariest, meanest times, then I know our future is nothing but gold. ;) I am so excited to make this home ours, carry his babies, and grow old with this man who has sacrificed so much for me and us. He has my heart forever!

Whoa. That got sappy real fast. But it's the truth. School has been hard, and we've been pretty unhappy. I'm very glad things are really looking up for us. We have worked hard, and we do deserve it. So we'll graciously accept our "happily ever after" that's being presented to us on a silver platter and we'll joyfully use it to build the rest of our lives. Athens, here we come!

-- The End. --
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